Seamless Portable Compression

5.0 Compression


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5.0 Portable Compression

Original price was: R10,990.00.Current price is: R8,990.00.

3 Hour Battery Life

90 - 200 Mmhg Pressure

5 Chambers

3 Treatment Modes

Whisper Quiet


You know that feeling when you are at an event and your muscles feel heavy. You want to get this over and done with. Your training has had days with highs and lows but your body aches. You don’t know if you can push a little bit more. If only there were something that could have gotten you to this event in better condition. 

There is, Click Here to Find Out:

Competing comes down to one thing, preparation. Being better prepared is the only thing that could take this pain and frustration away. By using Rapid Recover Compression devices you would have gone into this race knowing you are fully prepared. During training your device would be your training partner. Allowing you to recover properly between sessions, keeping your training consistent. Getting you to the event feeling awesome and confident.

Cable Free,

Hassle Free

You already need to juggle family, training, and your job. We want to make one thing less of a hassle for you. The most important thing. Your recovery.

The team at Rapid Recover is constantly working to improve, as you grow we grow with you. Your needs change. we see this and we act on it. Without cables your the new 5.0 compression device is simpler, lighter and easy to pack and go.

Zero Cables, Zero Fuss, Zero Hassle, Pure Recovery

Stylish, Neat, Efficient

Seemlessly Recover

Your recovery will now blend into your life, effortlessly. Unpack it, put the sleeves on and go! 
Recover at the office, in the lounge, next to the pool, wherever. As long as you recover!

30 Minute Sessions

Manage your own recovery and warm up sessions from 10 to 30 Minutes

5 Chambers and 3 Modes

5 Seamless and overlapping chambers allow for the best recovery experience. The three operational modes will really dial in your experience.

Get rewarded for your efforts

Recovery for everyone

Rapid Recover is suitable for athletes of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Its benefits in enhancing recovery and performance make it a valuable tool for anyone engaging in physical activities.

Now imagine yourself back at the start of your event. You look around, everyone looks nervous and unsure if they are prepared. You feel great. Your training was solid. You hit every session with precision. You came into this event with the best form you have ever had. 

You know when the start gun goes you can climb up that leader board and celebrate a Personal Best. What’s better, you get to brag to your friends about beating them.

Your own massage therapist

Warm up | Recover

Rapid Recover is used both can be used both pre and post-workout.

Before a work out- Use it for 15 minutes at medium intensity can help increase circulation and warm the muscles up.

After a workout, 30-40 minutes of medium to high-intensity treatment can aid recovery by improving circulation, reducing inflammation and flushing blood lactate levels.

Everybody Will Benefit


Rapid Recover™ Compression Boots are about so much more than just lactic acid removal. Are you recovering from injury? Or looking for postop support? A pressure for every requirement, is now at your fingertips…

Choosing your pressure-

How intense do you want your session today? Our Rapid Recover™ 5.0 pneumatic compression boots offer a pressure of up to 200 mmHg. With an air pressure close to that of a volleyball, that’s great for a serious athlete looking to refresh and loose stiff muscle tissue. However, not everyone needs to deal with that kind of pressure (wink). Sometimes you just need to get the juices (aka blood) flowing by just promoting blood circulation from 60-110 mmHg.

Seamless massage

Are you not getting a full massage from your current recovery device or masseuse? Interruptions from traditional regeneration massage can slow down the recovery process and disrupt the removal of lactic acid. Rapid Recover™ Compression Boots have solved this problem for you. Our boots have been engineered to massage every centimeter of your legs, with a continuous, seamless, and gliding compression wave.

As a professional mountain biker, I am racing both Marathon and cross-country, which have hectic demands. Taking on the Epic and then heading to Europe for the cross-country world cups is a heavy load. I am grateful for Rapid Recovers support. I use the boots during training and competition and they keep me going.

Unathi Nxumalo

Pro Mountain Biker

Developing young talent is what TUKS high performance is all about. Having produced Springboks and Olympians, we know what is required, the athletes take on so much and train their bodies to the limit. To deal with this we need the best recovery possible, that is why we have partnered with Rapid Recover.

Adri Schoeman

UP High Performance Athletics