The human body has a natural response to healing itself when sustaining an injury. The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method has been used for many years in order to reduce inflammation and allow sufficient rest to allow the body to heal. Its no secret that damaged cells need oxygen to repair themselves and multiply and so the fastest way to actually speed up healing is to get enriched oxygenated blood to the areas of the body that require healing. Icing an inflamed area is unfortunately very short lived in that it is a vasoconstrictor (limits blood flow by constricting the arteries).

Generally this is only used immediately post injury during the acute phase of inflammation but over time it impairs healing as it mitigates the reach of enriched oxygenated blood from the injured area to help regenerate and repair. Rapid Recover uses a intermittent dynamic compression technology to increase blood flow and ensures that the injured area gets the needed nutrients required to speed up the healing process. Research has shown that increased blood flow to areas which have sustained soft tissue damage or bone fractures have resulted in increased healing rates which is a great benefit for athletes.

Not only does Rapid Recover aid the flow of enriched blood but the compression also pushes the inflammatory fluid out of the injured area allowing for more movement.

These attributes accelerate the healing process, which means that an injured athlete can return to activity quicker.



Rapid Recover offers various systems used for increasing circulation in the limbs, to assist with the removal of inflammatory fluids and circulate rich blood and nutrients back to areas needing restoration and repair.

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