Exercise recovery has become one of the key factors in sports performance. An athlete’s ability to recover faster post exercise allows him to incorporate more quality sessions into his or her training regime. Its well know that the best way for the body to heal itself is to ensure good blood circulation and it has been demonstrated that active recovery methods are advantageous in speeding up the healing process.
Rapid Recover’s advanced intermittent compression technology aids improved blood circulation, removal of inflammatory fluids as well as flushing the build-up of blood lactate.

Noticeable attributes of regular use of Rapid Recover include:
- Reduced onset of muscle stiffness post exercise
- Decreased time for muscle repair post exercise
- Improved blood lactate removal
- Improved flexibility and movement due to a reduction in inflammation

Recovery Research:

An Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device Reduces Blood Lactate Concentrations More Effectively Than Passive Recovery after Wingate Testing

Acute Effects of Peristaltic Pneumatic Compression on Repeated Anaerobic Exercise Performance and Blood Lactate Clearance

A single bout of whole-leg, peristaltic pulse external pneumatic compression upregulates PGC-1α mRNA and endothelial nitric oxide sythase protein in human skeletal muscle tissue

Peripheral conduit and resistance artery function are improved following a single, 1-h bout of peristaltic pulse external pneumatic compression!

Peristaltic pulse dynamic compression of the lower extremity enhances flexibility

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Effect on Eccentric Exercise-Induced Swelling, Stiffness, and Strength Loss

Enhancement of Tibialis Anterior Recovery by Intermittent Sequential Pneumatic Compression of the Legs

The effects of the modified intermittent sequential pneumatic device (MISPD) on exercise performance following an exhaustive exercise bout


Rapid Recover offers various systems used for increasing circulation in the limbs, to assist with the removal of inflammatory fluids and circulate rich blood and nutrients back to areas needing restoration and repair.

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