Rapid Recover is South Africa's most loved recovery brand.

Founded by the directors of 32Gi, Rapid Recover has spent the last three years becoming South Africa's most loved recovery brand. By having a deep knowledge of the recovery industry understanding of what works for athletes we became the brand of choice.
We developed relationships with comrades champions, professional footballers, triathletes, and many other athletes across a variety of disciplines. Our devices are used in expos, on the sides of sports fields, in the massage tents at the Cape Epic and dozens of other national events, in medical practitioners' rooms, and in the comfort of one's own home. Modern-day athletes spend their time between training and their jobs- it is more difficult for them to find the time to recover. Creating times for sport massage appointments are almost impossible and expensive so the opportunity for them to recover at home is rife.

We created a South African brand, offering product that is of the highest quality, class leading 4 year warrantee and best price relative to features, backed by a passion driven team:

-Athletes stand in line for over an hour to use our devices at expo's

-Pro athletes reaching out to use our devices for major events and competitions

-Chiropractors, physios, Bios and other medical practitioners recommending us to patients

What are Rapid Recover Products used for? 

Give Lactic Acid The Boot


Exercise recovery has become one of the key factors in sports performance. An athlete’s ability to recover faster post exercise allows him to incorporate more quality sessions into his or her training regime. Its well know that the best way for the body to heal itself is to ensure good blood circulation and it has been demonstrated that active recovery methods are advantageous in speeding up the healing process.Rapid Recover’s advanced intermittent compression technology aids improved blood circulation, removal of inflammatory fluids as well as flushing the build-up of blood lactate.Noticeable attributes of regular use of Rapid Recover include:- Reduced onset of muscle stiffness post exercise- Decreased time for muscle repair post exercise- Improved blood lactate removal- Improved flexibility and movement due to a reduction in inflammation

Get mobile, Lose the discomfort.


Rapid Recover is a mild external compression system which can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions mainly symptomatic of poor blood circulation or immobility

Post Injury or Post Op


The human body has a natural response to healing itself when sustaining an injury.The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method has been used for many years in order to reduce inflammation and allow sufficient rest to allow the body to heal.Its no secret that damaged cells need oxygen to repair themselves and multiply and so the fastest way to actually speed up healing is to get enriched oxygenated blood to the areas of the body that require healing. Icing an inflamed area is unfortunately very short lived in that it is a vasoconstrictor (limits blood flow by constricting the arteries).Generally this is only used immediately post injury during the acute phase of inflammation but over time it impairs healing as it mitigates the reach of enriched oxygenated blood from the injured area to help regenerate and repair. 

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