At RAPID RECOVERTM we give you a choice between standard length leg sleeves or extra length leg sleeves (suitable for people 183cm and taller) the other choices: are between the16 different pressure levels and the 6 different modes of operation. 

Rapid Recovertm can be used with three different objectives:

Warm-up:Rapid Recover can be used as a light warm-up massage. This loosens the muscles and prepares them for the upcoming exertion. When using Rapid Recover for your warm-up, we recommend the "flow" or "double" programme. The application before sport should be short and crisp so that you do not deprive your legs of the muscle tone they need for the sport unit. We recommend about 10-15 minutes at low pressure.

After training: The application after training is the most intensive and effective use for Rapid Recover. Rapid Recover helps you to break down the lactic acid more quickly and to regenerate. Below we give you a detailed introduction to the combination of massage programmes after training. 

For relaxation and healthcare: You've had a hard day or retaining water due to a lifestyle illness? Replenish your energy reserves and get your blood circulating! Your parasympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system, is responsible for this. In contrast to the sympathetic nervous system, it serves to recover and build up energy reserves in the body. A Rapid Recover massage can support this process.  Use Programs A-Flow and C-double. You can use any programme you like. Use it at low pressure for about 30 - 40 minutes.

Understanding the Modes

Relaxation and general circulation 
Pressure 30-180mmhg
10-20 min

"Flow" exerts a punctual pressure and is therefore well suited for loosening the muscles. The muscles are gradually compressed from the feet towards the body. We recommend this programme especially for a warm-up. 

Intensive Stretch 
Pressure 150- 240mmhg
20-30 min 

Intense promotes lactate removal most intensively. The sustained pressure in the lower chambers prevents reflux. As a beginner you should approach this programme slowly. At high pressure, programme B is very intensive and effective!

pressure 90-180mmhg
10-20 min

Two chambers are filled directly per step. This means that "Double" achieves twice the number of passes in the same time and is suitable for shorter warm-up massages.

Short & Intense 
pressure 150-240mmhg
20-30 min

Maximum compression"Impulse" is for short and intense sessions. As all chambers are pulsed at the same time, "Impulse" maximises the number of possible compression passes in a given time.

Please note E and F are combination modes of the others.
Mode E is a mix of intense and Double, best used for recovery can do sessions up to 40 minutes.
Mode F is a mix of Flow, Double and Squeeze, best used for deep tissue recovery on high pressure. Ideal session length is 20-30 Minutes.