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As a sports practitioner, whether you are a physiotherapist , biokineticist or chiropractor your focus is always on your patients wellbeing and keeping them race ready for prolonged periods of time. Your patients, (modern athletes that squeeze in as much training as possible, between work family and socializing) come to you, over trained, fatigued and under recovered. The team at Rapid Recover understand this and would like to help you offer your patients an easy and cost effective recovery solution that benefits both you and your patient.

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As a practitioner you want your patients to reach their full potential, healthy and injury free. That is why, by partnering with Rapid Recover, you can add immense value to your patients and increase the earning potential for your practice. Join our growing network of Rapid Recover professional and share in the growth of the active recovery market.Please contact us for a confidential discussion and demonstration of our offerings.

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Pneumatic compression has been a well accepted technology to help speed up athletic recovery globally for a while. Niggles, muscle stiffness and unwanted pains keeping your customers from reaching their full potential. Help your patients reach better and improved health with faster healing times from injury or surgery, improvement of mobility and or discomfort from ailments such as

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