Muscle Recovery Rub

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The Remarkable Muscle, Joint and tendon Healing & Recovery Cream

Rid your body of aches and pains

Easy to rub in, No Mess, No Fuss!

It works immediately and is long lasting

Unique blend of ingredients

Super Effective Convenience

instant relief

Dissolve away aches, tears, sprains, and pains with Rapid Recovers astonishing muscle and joint rub. Never before, has there been a more powerful rapid healing & soothing cream providing that much needed treatment for pain and inflammation in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, due to sprains and strains, sports injuries (yes, even tennis elbow) and soft tissue rheumatism.

A Perfect Balance


Some rubs focus too much on anti-inflammation properties which slows down the recovery time by inhibiting nutrient flow to the much-needed areas that require repair work. Some rubs focus too much on circulation with no inflammation reduction attributes which also slows recovery. Post exercise inflammation does need to be managed to help you recover faster. The Best of Both Worlds A rub that has a perfect balance of both anti-inflammation and improved circulation Rapid Recover’s Muscle Recovery Rub addresses both inflammation reduction and improved circulation with a fine balance of unique ingredients to achieve this purpose.

Lasts for Hours

Works Quickly

So many formulas tend to be too greasy, while others are powerfully scented. This can be very frustrating so we took the time to develop a rub that actually rubs in without a sticky residue, has a pleasant scent, a great tingling sensation and most importantly gets to work right away and last for hours. 

Get back to training sooner


Feeling sore after a hard exercise session—particularly when the pain sets in days later, as in the case of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)— this is common for all athletes from Pros to novice. Rapid Recover offers a variety of tested and proven recovery products all of them are great at reducing swelling and tissue breakdown now combine this with our muscle rub and you will have unbelievable results. Using a muscle rub as part of post exercise recovery regime is convenient and it really works. Rapid Recover Muscle Recover Rub has been proven to reduce the intensity of muscle soreness in the 72 hours after exercise which reduces your recovery time, getting you back to training sooner and training more consistently.

CBD, Wintergreen & Arnica


Each ingredient treats a specific area. After months of creating and testing different formulations, we found a way to make each ingredient work synergistically and quickly without cancelling each other out.

Arthritic pain relief


Arthritis is a leading cause of disability throughout the globe, affecting millions of people. 
Due to the unique formula people with arthritis, whether it is rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, who have used Rapid Recover's Muscle Recovery Rub report noticeable pain relief, improved sleep, and even reduced anxiety. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD the Muscle Recover Rub can help treat arthritis and relieve associated inflammatory pain. The topical application of CBD is a safe and useful treatment can relieve joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

What our Customers say about our muscle recovery Rub

I’m currently on the ATP tour playing tennis full time, this rapid recovery muscle rub has helped me a lot, I use to have problems with my right arm serving in different altitudes and has always been fatigued or tight going to new places with the altitude difference, i use to wake up with a sore shoulder and elbow, but with this rapid recovery muscle rub works over night on my recovery with my right arm and shoulder, it has made my life so much easier and helped me recover in a big way, i can feel it working when i put the cream on and getting right into the muscles, i just want to thank 32gi for giving me this product, it has been a game changer!!I would recommend all athletes to use it!!

Alec Beckley

ATP Tour Tennis

"I had a grade one tear in the glute hamstring insertion. Usually shockwave or PRP was used to treat the area. I was introduced to the cream through a friend and have never looked back. Not only has the cream healed the area but it has also sped up my recovery times between training sessions. Its so incredible its become part of my daily recovery routine."


Fitness fanatic 

"I’ve retired from competitive swimming but I still train around 6 times a week in the pool and in the gym, and I spend hours on my feet while coaching every day. I used the muscle recovery rub before bed to ease a tight muscle In my back, and it really helped to relieve the tension. The cooling effect isn’t overpowering like some other rubs I’ve used, and the next morning I definitely felt better during my swim. I’ll be sure to use it again and I’d recommend it to my swimmers."

Troyden Prinsloo

Commonwealth Games Medalist

Swim Coach