Rapid Recover uses a compression system which applies specific sequential pressure to the selected areas of the body improving circulation. Rapid Recover supports a multi-chamber ( 6 chamber)  massage compression unit to ensure optimal circulation. Rapid Recover also supports a broad range of pressure options to support a variety of treatments.

Rapid Recover has three sleeve options for treating different areas of the body depending requirements

  1. Leg Sleeves
  2. Waist and Core Sleeve
  3. Arm / Shoulder Sleeves

Rapid Recover Pressure Variants:
The pressure levels offered by Rapid Recover are very broad and accurate for the types of treatments required. The pressure levels vary from 30mmHg to 240mmHg. The user can select 8 different pressure levels on the Rapid Recover device.


What are the benefits of Rapid Recover:

  • Rapid post exercise Recovery
  • Faster Healing
  • Lactic Acid Flushing
  • Uniquely Designed Overlapping Sleeve System to Ensure Efficient Circulation
  • Unique zone isolation for injury or discomfort
  • Incredible high pressure option up to 250mmHg
  • Lymph Node Drainage
  • Improved Blood Circulation

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Our systems include a control unit and a set of legs. The system uses compressed air to massage your legs, remove fluid and thereby provide faster recovery. By using our recovery boots, you achieve comparable kneading and stretching of your muscles as occurs during a massage.
  • Digital Controls that give you full control over your recovery
  • Recovery for any athlete anywhere with our compact design and carry bag

  • Programs with 6 different functions
  • Turn massage zone off and on as it suits you
  • Decide yourself on the intensity of the treatment.

Injury Rehabilitation
Exercise Recovery

Rapid Recover is a compression system used for increasing circulation in the limbs, to assist with the removal of inflammatory fluids and circulate rich blood and nutrients back to areas needing restoration and repair.

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