At Rapid Recover we offer a wide range of devices to suit an individual’s unique requirements. We know that your requirements change due to your fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether you are an individual training for a big event like comrades or ironman or if you have had your medical practitioner recommend Rapid Recover and you would like to try before you buy or you are a practitioner who would value a long term rental for your patients to use in your practise. Pricing below is for a machine with standard length leg cuffs, get in touch with us for custom pricing including the core cuff, arm sleeves and legs.

Why Rent from us?


Going on tour? Why not rent a Rapid Recover compression device to keep your team performing throughout?

Stage race or Event

Doing your 10th Cape Epic or first Berg and Bush. Rent a Rapid Recover Compression Device to get you to the finish

Medical Recommendation

Your Dr suggested you try a compression device to help relieve the discomfort and pain from a lifestyle condition such as lymphedema. You can rent before you buy.


If you are come off an injury and trying to get back to form, why not improve your rehabilitation time by using a compression device in conjunction with your physio and bio program.

Bed Bound

Being bed bound or having limited mobility can have detrimental effect on your circulatory system often leaving one with swollen and uncomfortable legs. Using a Rapid Recovery Compression device will improve your circulation and get you feeling more comfortable in no time!

Medical Practitioner

Rapid Recovery adds a great revenue stream to any practice. Whether you are a Physio, Chiro, Bio or Massage therapist your practice will benefit from having our products. you are now able to rent before you commit to buying.

6.0 Portable Compression Device

14 Day Rental: R2 000

1 Month Rental: R3000 Per Month

3-5 Month Rental: R2268 Per Month

Longer than 6 Months: R1812 Per Month

Ice Pro Device

2 Week Rental: R1 800

1 Month Rental: R2800

Combo, Ice and Compression:

2 Week Rental: R2 850

1 Month Rental: R4350

If you are a medical practitioner, sports team, club or school and would like to rent for longer periods or rent several units, please get in touch with us so we can custom-make your rental package.

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