Ice Pro Rental


Professional Grade

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of medical professionals, while still being user-friendly and accessible to the public for at home use. 

Advanced Cold Therapy

Harnesses the proven benefits of cold therapy, helping you reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, enhance circulation and improve range of motion. 

For You

We believe in catering to individual recovery requirements. The Rapid Recover Ice Pro offers various flow settings, combined with the most ergonomic wraps which give you the most complete rehab experience.

Unmatched Value

Just like our existing products, the Rapid Recover Ice Pro maintains our commitment to competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Plus, Rapid Recover’s exceptional customer service ensures that you receive all the support you need on your recovery journey.

Is getting back to your normal routine post-surgery quickly important to you?

Most recoveries will weigh on your ability to perform optimally post-surgery.

Inflammation, pain, range of motion and fatigue and will slow you down. Not many of us can afford to take off excessive time for recovery. Speeding up the recovery is therefore important for today’s hectic schedules of running and doing.

What if there was something that could speed up the recovery process and get you up and running sooner rather than later?

There is, it’s called cold Therapy.

What is Cold Therapy?

Traditionally, cold therapy using ice or ice packs is a time-tested method for relieving pain when injured, have a strained a muscle,
or are recovering from surgery.

This technique is part of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method for healing and is standard practice across the

The difficulty of using ice packs or ice is that it is not really practical, does not get to the right places and is not convenient to regularly use.

Cold Therapy is Time Sensitive

The First 48 Hours After Surgery are the most important to maximize the
long term benefit of the therapy.
Be sure to pre order your machine so that you get the most out of it.
Consult with your Doctor regarding the timing and duration of the therapy.

The Rapid Recover ICE PRO

Rapid Recover’s advanced icing technology has made it easy to target cold therapy where needed.

The ICE PRO machine works by circulating water through an ice reservoir. The reservoir connects to the wrap which makes contact with the target healing area.

With a cold therapy unit, you get the combined benefits of therapeutic cold and targeted pressure to aid in your healing.

Now cold therapy can be applied without the limitations of using ice or ice packs manually. With accuracy, convenience and regularity a speedier recovery is now possible.

The convenient size and carry handle allows for easy portability from room to room

Litre transparent bucket

Monitoring from 4 to 15 Degrees Celcius

Flow Settings

up to 120 minute treatments

Learn how easy it is to use and fast track your rehab.

Easy to Use

Dont Delay!

Book Your Ice Pro Machine Now

Ensure to book your machine prior to surgery to avoid disappointment. Remember the first 48 hours are important to set the tone for your recovery.

Rapid Recover maintains our commitment to competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

You can rent a Rapid Recover ICE PRO system for use at home.

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