Muscle Recover Rub


Muscle Recover Rub

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Helps heal overworked and strained muscles FAST

Easy to rub in, No Mess, No Fuss, No stickiness!

Works Immediately Long Lasting Effects

Best In class anti-inflammatory and circulation ingredients. Period!

Developed for the serious athlete


Some days your muscles feel like they can’t take it anymore and this is what you don’t want. To what extent would you go to get rid of muscle pain so you can train harder and more often? Would you sit in the dreaded Ice Bath? Would you see your massage therapist once or twice a month? Would that even be enough? Would you let the stiffness and pain subside by itself and lose training days? Would there be any reason not to want a powerful and almost magical rub to take care of injuries and aches? Sorted. Fast!  


You have spent your whole athletic life being critical of yourself. Being a high level athlete means being a perfectionist. I know you are pedantic about your training, your diet, your sports nutrition. You buy the best equipment, following the most stringent training plans. If you were as pedantic about your muscle recovery you could:
Train harder

Your training adaptations won’t be disturbed by sore muscles.

You could notch up spot on the podium or smash your PB?  


Each ingredient provides a specific function for muscle recovery and injury rehabilitation. After months of testing with different formulations we derived the perfect blend.Our blend had to work for the die hard athlete. The kind of athlete wanting more than a simple over the counter anti inflammatory rub. Something that would go to work quick to heal and prepare the muscles for the next session. We tested amongst endurance, body builders and strength athletes. The results backed the science. The most common response was that;1. pain reduction and 2. rapid healing was evident in quick succession after application and 3. that training resumed faster when compared with the tomes the rub was not applied. 


CBD oil relieves that pain and soreness that stops you training well. It has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. These show a reduction in inflammation, reduce pain and improving mobility. CBD can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This is useful for athletes participating in intense exercise. We use a CBD Isolate which contains zero THC.Please note that CBD without THC is 100% legal for athletes and is WADA approved.


Wintergeen acts like a natural pain reducer. It’s one of the best sources of inflammation-fighting compounds in the world. When the skin absorbs Wintergreen it acts as a natural numbing agent. It also promotes blood circulation and cools irritation. Wintergreen is also antioxidant-rich. 


Arnica has natural properties to support muscle recovery. Arnica acts as a natural anti-inflammatory in soft tissue. It enhances the circulatory system to speed up the healing process.

We Put You First

The secret that most pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know is that CBD is expensive. These companies use enough amounts for it to feature on the label but not enough to make a difference to you. Then you get the over the counter cheap rubs that have no CBD at all. They are anti inflammation rubs with no other benefits.

We have formulated this Muscle Recover Rub, with the athlete in mind, not our margins. We have the right amount of CBD, (8 mgs per serving, 50 servings per tube) to give you the best value for money CBD product.

Takes Seconds to work

Carry it in your gym bag or keep it next to your bed. Apply a pea-sized amount once a day and rub it into the affected muscles. For even better results you can use it before you exercise.

Before your workout, it can help to boost your energy and relax your muscles.

Once you feel the tingle you know it’s working.We use fast-acting ingredients, results are almost instant.

Now all you need to do is: WIN!

With your recovery, properly taken care of. Arrive at your next session with muscles that are ready to perform. Fewer aches and pains, beaming with confidence and all doubt eliminated.

High Fives from your friends as you smash your personal bests. How good does it feel to be on the podium?

The best part is, you can walk passed your friends in their ice baths and not even bat an eyelid.