Massage Therapist in a bag!

Massage Ball



Massage Ball

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Feel Pinpointed, Ultra-Portable Vibration Therapy, Small Enough For Your Laptop Bag, Strong Enough For Fascia Release.

Train Efficiently with better range of motion

Get Fitter Faster with fresher Muscle

Get rid of unnecessary aches, pains and knots

Get Stronger and Recover Faster

Effortless Control

Tired of having to ask your spouse to dig their thumbs into the knots in your muscle?
Are your kids getting frustrated that you keep stealing their hockey balls for you to roll on?
Is the foam roller just isn’t cutting it?
The Rapid Recover massage balls promotes self-sufficiency so there is no need to rely on anyone else. With a single button operation, it is easy to scroll through speeds. The Rapid Recover Massage Ball is an effortless roll and go therapy. 

Tailor Made for your muscles

About to start a work out? or trying to recover from a heavy one? The Rapid Recover massage ball has four levels of vibration. Whether you are prepping muscle groups before a workout or relieving pain from stiff or aching muscles after a strenuous session The Rapid Recover massage ball has the desired speed for your needs.

Pin Pointed for Deep Tissue

When your training sessions have effected your range of motion and you are feeling still and uncomfortable the Rapid Recover Massage Balls makes it easy for pinpointing targeted areas that desperately need it. The high-powered vibrating massage ball can be used for trigger point release on your tightest muscles so you can recover faster, move better and train more consistently.

Always in Control

Other massage balls with a smooth finish often slip and drift during use. Thats no longer an issue, the textured finish helps provide a stable grip for more control and keeps the ball from drifting during use.

This allows you a more effective session giving you the most from your rolling, whether you are using it under your foot, against a wall or even between your muscles you can be guaranteed a consistent experience. 

Built to Last

The shape and design of the rhombus material on the surface as well as the sturdy construction makes it highly durable and more resistant to dirt and not easily corroded by sweat or cleaning products. Just give it a quick spray with an antibacterial spray, wipe it down and store it in your bag or draw ready for its next use.

Grab Go Recover

Recover wherever you are with the Rapid Recover Massage ball. It’s small, Light (315g) and convenient enough for a gym bag, laptop bag or your hand bag, for a true on the go recovery.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I turn the Ball off?

Hold on the power button for three seconds, it will shut down.

Is it Waterproof

The design of the rhombus material on the surface makes it more resistant to dirt and not easily corroded by sweat. But it is not waterproof.

How Long is the Warranty?

We have a one year included manufacturer’s warranty! If anything happens, please contact directly and we’ll help you out.